Netflix Shrinks The World

I have to admit, I have always been pretty frustrated at the lack of availability of English speaking TV channels in Germany. I mean, much of what is shown originates from the UK or USA but overdubbed (very well, I hasten to add) into German, but even the satellite or cable TV channels don’t seem to offer the original soundtrack as an option. There are English packages available from some satellite or cable providers, but the choice is very limited and you are usually barraged with endless repeats which quickly becomes tiresome.

My savior so far has been my trusty Apple TV which allows me to stream a great selection of movies and series right to my a TV via the internet. Movies are available for rent or purchase, whilst series are purchase only but you do get the option of buying individual episodes if you wish, and everything is managed through your iTunes account. However, the downside of the Apple TV is it gets expensive as every item is paid for, and if you like to watch lots of movies costs can mount quickly, although it comparable with normal DVD rentals from shops and is much more convenient.

But now there is a new kid on the block. Well I say new, as whilst Netflix has been available in other countries for some time, it has only just landed on German soil. It is basically a subscription based internet TV service where for a monthly fee you get access to a whole hoard of movies and series from various countries and the language options for each will include original soundtracks as well as subtitled and overdubbed, so at least there will be the choice. You can watch all of this on your computer, many games consoles, tablet or directly on the bigger screen using a streaming device such as the Apple TV, some Internet enabled Blu Ray devices or using a Smart TV. And remember, like offerings from Apple’s iTunes, you can watch the content on your phone, tablet, laptop or games console wherever you have a decent internet connection.

I have yet to try it out, but with plans starting from €7.99 a month it looks remarkably good value. Click here to go directly to the Netflix website for more details. I will be very interested to hear from users to see how it is.

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