The Future…

Obviously this Blog is fresh out of the WordPress maternity ward and is only a few hours old so the content is still to grow and flourish. However, just so you all know, I plan on including postings and maybe even dedicated sections on topics such:

  • events taking place in the region
  • activities, particularly the more unusual ones
  • wine reviews (obviously)
  • interesting local businesses
  • where to find help

and much more. If I can, I will also try to include a directory of businesses and services which are able to help those whose German langauge skills are (like mine) rather bad or even non-existent.

Constructive feedback is always welcome, and if there is a subject that you would like to see covered then I would be happy to look into it, although I do ask it has some relation to the region as there are already plenty of general German blogs available in English.

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